About the Artist

My present home is Indianapolis, Indiana. Having lived in several other states, I returned to my Hoosier roots in 1997. I began drawing as a child, copying pictures in horse and dog books and sketching family members and friends. Some of my art has been diplayed at the “Hoosier Salon”¬†and restaurants in town. I am also currently a painting instructor at the Indianapolis Art Center and liking it very much.

At junior college I majored in fine arts. Years later I completed a BFA degree at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, now a division of Indiana University/Purdue University (IUPUI). For several years after graduation I put my degree to good use as a graphic artist, as I searched for my favorite media.

In the mid nineties I took my first pastel class. The drawing aspect and easy flow of almost pure pigment soon took hold of me. For the past I sixteen years pastel has been my medium of choice. In my many travels I have had the opportunity to photograph interesting and exciting vistas and subjects. I weave these into a realistic composition, often combining several elements from different photos. I have an extensive portfolio of landscapes and water views. Rivers, lakes and oceans are particularly challenging and complex in their variety. There are many framed pieces for sale on this website.

My Process

Painting with soft pastels challenges and stimulates my creativity. The paper quality is very important. I use a fine sanded surface which allows me to build layers of pigment from the darkest shadows to the lightest highlights, creating form and depth.

A realistic likeness is key and accomplished with the photos I use. Pastel is a forgiving media allowing for corrections, but as a finished piece it is very fragile and easy to destroy the fine layers. Since I never spray or fix my work I always frame the piece under glass as soon as possible to preserve it.