Photo Tips

My best finished result depends on a good photograph taken by you. Since I’m not there to assist or take the pictures myself, it’s up to you to get the best shots you possibly can.

Here are some tips:

  • Take at least a dozen pictures. This gives me more than one shot to use for the best viewpoint.
  • Choose a sunny day for the best outdoor natural light. I prefer contrast and shadows, which provide depth and interest. If being outside with your pet is not an option, be sure to use good indoor lighting or photograph your pet next to a sunny window. Don’t use a flash as it can cause red-eye and distort the color.
  • Try to take a picture that captures your pet’s personality or favorite expression. Good examples could be a cocked head or playing with a toy. Strive for a natural, not posed look.
  • Get down to your pet’s level so you are eye to eye. Take several poses of the full body and close-ups for detail. I need at least one good head shot. Take your time, be patient and move around for different angles. Wait for just the right shot and you will be rewarded.
  • If you choose to have yourself or someone else included in your portrait, a casual pose is usually best. I prefer to work with several photos and blend them together into one composition. These photos of the person can be taken separately from your pet or together, as you prefer.