One-of-a-kind Portrait of your Beloved Pet


I strive to capture the special characteristics and personalities of each animal. Dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, etc. are equally expressive creatures.

Using the perfect photos I take or you send me, I will create a pastel portrait of your beloved pet, a unique and special gift or keepsake.



Pet Portraits with their People


My childhood love for all animals motivates me to capture their frolicking sense of play, individuality and integrity.

By including ourselves in the portrait the beautiful relationship we share with our best friends is revealed.



Pastel Paintings


I also work from photos to create unique landscape paintings of the special places in your lives. Whether it is a cherished family home, your favorite vacation spot or someplace else, a custom landscape painting will remain a treasure for you and your family.

In the Gallery I have a collection of framed and finished pieces that are available. Please check back, as the inventory of these paintings changes frequently.